Bottle Collection Review- Daily UV “As a singer-songwriter -guitarist, Jenna created a musically interesting collection in this first album. Her delicate and precise guitar skills provide a solid base for the poetry of her words.” Nancy Cardenuto, Daily UV

Upper Valley Songwriter Releases Her First Album- Photos by Nanci “[Jenna’s] songs are written from the heart and tell of some deeply moving experiences she’s had in her young life.”

Working to Her Own Tune- Valley News

Freshman CD Reveals a Strong Songwriter- Rutland Herald “We especially like track six “Bottle Collection.” It’s about loss when a soldier goes off to war. She writes: “Johnny left this morning to fight overseas, I knew I’d never see him again even if someday he made it back to me; He’d left pieces of his broken heart in Afghanistan.” Rice is an emerging artist tied to the guitar in several ways. Her freshman release shows promise.”

2019 Interview on The River 93.9

Fine Tuning Podcast Interview

Bottle Collection review in Seven Days VT “Rice writes tasteful progressions, a testament to her ability as a guitarist who can properly transcribe emotion through style. She has a deft right hand, is skilled in folk idioms, and manages to move her compositions along with the odd clever chord here and there. Her lyrical playing fills spaces with lovely texture.”

2019 Mountain Times Article